Winter Sale Items

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Auralic Altair G2.1 Streamer

• Showroom Demo
• List Price: $6,099
• Sale Price: $4,299

ALTAIR G2.1, an all-encompassing digital and analog source component, provides abundant capabilities to the performance-oriented G2.1 Series. Combining every function available from AURALiC into the ultra-quiet G2.1 chassis, ALTAIR G2.1 is perfect for the most demanding music lover. Whether it’s a high-res title from an online streaming service, a file on a NAS drive, or an LP on a turntable,  ALTAIR G2.1 will deliver exquisitely rendered, dynamic music, from almost any source.

Standout Features Include:
Unity Chassis II: a copper enclosure minimizing interference
Anti-vibration footer system on a massive base
Clocking armed with hyper-accurate femto-second clocks
Purer-Power power supply
Class A Orfeo Output modules
Internet radio, Airplay™, Bluetooth, USB connectivity, and optional internal storage


Bel Canto e.One Stream Network Bridge

• Black Faceplate, Showroom Demo
• List Price: $1,695
• Sale Price: $795

The e.One Stream is a powerful interface between network and your audio system, delivering pristine digital content to your DAC or Analog with fully rendered MQA to your preamplifier or directly to your amplifier.

The compact Stream gives you the option to access the immense musical diversity of TIDAL, Qobuz, Vtuner and your personal NAS library managing content and volume with your iOS device.

Standout Features Include:
• Resolution up to 24/192
• Roon End Point
• Bel Canto SEEK iOS app
• SEEK Volume Control
• Ultra-low Phase noise master clocks
• USB-A slot for music store on a hard drive


Bowers & Wilkins 702S3 Mocha

• Showroom Demo
• List Price: $6,999 per pair
Please call for pricing

702 S3’s Carbon Dome tweeter is housed in an all-new Solid Body Tweeter assembly, while with its new downward-firing port configuration and trio of Aerofoil Profile bass cones, it delivers bass that’s both profoundly deep and endlessly articulate.

Standout Features Include:
• Decoupled Carbon Dome tweeter  
• Solid Body Tweeter-on-Top 
• Continuum™ cone FST™ midrange 
• Decoupled midrange
• Aerofoil™ Profile bass cones
• Flowport™


Bowers & Wilkins 802D4 Gloss Black

• Showroom Demo
• List Price: $28,000 per pair
Please call for pricing

Built to similar proportions as the flagship 801 D4, the 802 D4 offers much of the performance of its sibling, including the same Turbine™ Head enclosure for its midrange drive unit, yet is more affordable overall.

Standout Features Include:

• Diamond tweeter
• Solid body Tweeter-on-Top
• Continuum™ cone FST
• Matrix
• Anti-Resonance plug
• Biomimetic Suspension
• Turbine™ Head
• Aerofoil™ cone bass units
• Flowport


Bowers & Wilkins Formation Audio

• Showroom Demo
• List Price: $799
• Sale Price: $299

Formation Audio
Bring your existing system right up to date with Formation Audio wireless audio streamer.

Access 24-bit/96kHz hi-res audio on your hi-fi, include it in a multi-room set-up, even stream analog sources like turntables to Formation wireless speakers.

Standout Features:
• Apple® AirPlay 2® technology
• Spotify® Connect
• Roon Ready
• Bluetooth In
• High performance analogue-to-digital converter (ADC)
• High performance digital-to-analogue converter (DAC)


Bryston B135 Cubed Integrated Amplifier

• Black Finish, Demo
• List Price: $6,995
• Sale Price: $3,995

Bryston proves that integrated amplifiers give no ground to their separate counterparts.

The B135 is literally constructed of the BP-17 preamplifier and 2.5B Cubed amplifier into a single chassis offering the best of both products without occupying extra space and costly interconnects.

For those who wish to save money and space yet refuse to yield sound quality, the B135 Cubed Integrated Amplifier is a top choice.

Standout Features:
• True dual-mono amplifier section produces 135 watts per channel into 8 ohms, 180 watts per channel into 4 ohms.
• Patented Salomie Cubed series input circuitry for ultra low distortion
• Connect up to 6 analog sources (or 7 with tape-loop input)
• User configurable home theatre bypass input
• High performance independently buffered headphone output
• Optional 4 input 192kHz DAC module
• Optional low distortion MM Phono module


Bryston 14B3 Power Amplifier

• Black Finish, New
• List Price: $11,995
• Sale Price: $8,395

To some, their favorite Bryston amplifier is the 14B³. It features huge power, utterly silent noise floor, grace in an iron fist. The Bryston 14B³ has the kind of power usually only found in monoblocks, yet this model is a dual channel. That’s not to say it is compact, however. This amplifier is big and heavy. Yet it drives any loudspeaker with agility and speed rendering your favorite music with exquisite detail.


Standout Features Include:
• Balanced XLR and Single ended RCA input
• 2 Channels each with fully independent power supplies including transformers
• 600W into 8 ohms (and up to 900 into 4 ohms) per channel
• The patented Salomie circuit found in all Cubed Series amplifiers
• Switchable gain (23dB or 29dB)
• Fully convection cooled means no noisy fans
• Machined and anodized aluminum enclosure and dress panel
• Less than 500mW standby power consumption
• SoftStart microprocessor controlled startup sequence won’t trip circuit breakers
• DC trigger for automated turn on and turn off
• Legendary Bryston 20 Year Warranty


Bryston 3B3 Dual-Mono Amplifier

• Black Finish, New
• List Price: $5,995
• Sale Price: $4,200

The Bryston 3B Cubes is  twice as powerful as the original and ten times as impressive. Though it’s one of Bryston’s smaller amplifiers, it features all the same technology found in their venerable 4B. One big advantage, however, is the shallow depth. The 3B Cubed is a great all around amp, but is especially useful for shallow mounting depth applications.


Standout Features:

  • Balanced XLR and Single ended RCA input
  • 2 Channels each with fully independent power supplies including transformers
  • 200W into 8 ohms (and up to 300 into 4 ohms) per channel
  • The patented Salomie circuit found in all Cubed Series amplifiers
  • Switchable gain (23dB or 29dB)
  • Fully convection cooled means no noisy fans
  • Machined and anodized aluminum enclosure and dress panel
  • Less than 500mW standby power consumption
  • SoftStart microprocessor controlled startup sequence won’t trip circuit breakers
  • DC trigger for automated turn on and turn off
  • Legendary Bryston 20 Year Warranty

Bryston 4B3 Dual-Mono Amplifier

• Black Finish, New
• List Price: $7,495
• Sale Price: $5,250

Rated at 300 watts per channel into 8 ohms, (and upwards of 500 into 4 ohms), this true dual-mono amplifier is powerful enough for practically any speaker, yet it’s priced to remain within reach. The degree of clarity, power, nuance, and outright truthfulness of this amp is stunning. If you’ve always wanted one, maybe now is just the right time.


Standout Features:

  • Balanced XLR and Single ended RCA input
  • 2 Channels each with fully independent power supplies including transformers
  • 300W into 8 ohms (and up to 500 into 4 ohms) per channel
  • The patented Salomie circuit found in all Cubed Series amplifiers
  • Switchable gain (23dB or 29dB)
  • Fully convection cooled means no noisy fans
  • Machined and anodized aluminum enclosure and dress panel
  • Less than 500mW standby power consumption
  • SoftStart microprocessor controlled startup sequence won’t trip circuit breakers
  • DC trigger for automated turn on and turn off
  • Legendary Bryston 20 Year Warranty

Bryston BDA-3.14 DAC / Streamer / Digital Preamplifier

• Silver Finish, Brand New
• List Price: $3,695
• Sale Price: $2,300

Since Bryston began developing products for digital playback enthusiasts, one thing has been constant – separate components for streaming and D to A.

That changes with our new BDA-3.14. They’ve merged their BDP and BDA platforms into this one new product that starts with their BDA-3 and adds a high quality streamer internally connected with I²S – the most accurate digital interconnection method currently available.

Additionally, 10 other inputs are available to make the BDA-3.14 your high resolution digital hub.

Standout Features:
• Built in streamer features up to 192kHz / 24 bit playback.
• Tidal, Qobuz, Roon, Internet Radio and more
• Connect USB or NAS drive for local library playback.
• Full control via web enabled device
• 10 different inputs including 4 HDMI, 2 USB, AES/EBU, S/PDIF RCA, S/PDIF BNC, and Toslink
• PCM support up to 384 kHz / 32 bit
• DSD support up to DSD-256 (x4)


Bryston BP-17 Cubed Stereo Preamplifier

• New (Silver Finish)
• List Price: $4,995
• Sale Price: $3,295

The Bryston BP17³ is the first component from Bryston to use their patented low distortion Salomie circuit at both the input and output stage. This new technology is remarkable in its ability to render even miniscule details with breathtaking clarity and lifelike scale.

As a fully featured preamp, the BP-17³ is the centerpiece of your stereo. Balanced and single ended analog inputs can be used with virtually any source component.

High resolution DAC and moving magnet phono options are also available.

Standout Features:
• 5 Single Ended & 2 Balanced Analog Inputs
• Fully discrete Class A analog circuitry
• The patented Salomie circuit found in all Cubed Series amplifiers
• Standard and configurable XLR outputs
• Fixed and variable level RCA outputs
• Independent power supply for analog and digital circuits.
• Programmable home theater bypass


Bryston BP-19 Analog Preamplifier

• Showroom Demo
• List Price: $5,195

• Sale Price: $3,695

The Bryston BP-19 leverages years of R&D and many design innovations that were achieved during the development of the multi-award-winning BR-20 preamplifier. The BP-19 reproduces music effortlessly, constructed using only the finest hand-selected premium components including an oversized toroidal power transformer. The optimized discrete operational amplifier delivers a staggeringly low THD+N measurement at or below 0.0006%. The signal path features a fully balanced design from input-to-output, using an array of very tightly matched components and a compact circuit architecture, achieving the lowest possible noise and superior common mode rejection. For the devoted music enthusiast, these innovations, combined with the legendary hand-built excellence from Bryston, translate to more lifelike performances, enhanced detail, and a greater sense of dimensionality and dynamics from all recordings.


Standout Features:

  • 2 pair balanced female XLR inputs
  • 2 pair balanced male XLR outputs (Number 1 Variable – 2 Fixed)
  • 2 pair single ended outputs (Number 1 Variable – 2 Fixed)
  • 4 pair RCA inputs (Input 1 Option Phono BP-19P & BP-19MC only)

HIFI Rose RA180 Integrated Amplifier

• Showroom Demo
• List Price: $6,995
Call for pricing

The RA180 is a state-of-the-art integrated amplifier using the latest innovative technologies. Power damping and dead times were reduced to 1/10 or less. Linearity was dramatically improved to create a near-perfect sound that transcends the boundaries between digital and analog. Enjoy the pure sound of nature provided by the RA180. 


Standout Features:

  • integrated four-channel amplifier with bi-amp speaker outputs
  • Class AD amplification uses super-efficient GaN (Gallium nitride) FET output switching for smooth, accurate sound
  • 200 watts x 4 into 8 ohms (20-20,000 into 8 ohms at 0.005% THD)
  • 200 watts x 4 into 4 ohms
  • 400 watts x 2 in bridged (BTL) mode
  • frequency response: 20-50,000 Hz (or 20-100,000 Hz @ -3dB)
  • signal-to-noise ratios: 108dB (balanced), 106dB (unbalanced), 79dB (MM phono)

McIntosh C2700 Tube Amplifier

• Used
• List Price: $8,500
In store only


Following in a long line of revered McIntosh vacuum tube preamplifiers is the C2700 Tube Preamplifier. Using their well-established vacuum tube topology, the C2700 also features McIntosh’s advanced DA2 Digital Audio Module technology to combine cutting edge digital music capabilities with time tested vacuum tube performance.

All the C2700’s audio technology is packed inside the timeless McIntosh design highlighted by a black glass front panel backlit by direct LED lighting, blue meters, rotary knobs, an illuminated logo, aluminum end caps and a polished stainless steel chassis.

Standout Features:

  • 16 inputs (9 analog + 7 digital)
  • (5) 12AX7A and (1) 12AT7 vacuum tubes
  • Supports up to DSD512 files
  • Comes with DA2 Digital Audio Module installed

McIntosh RS250 Wireless Speaker System

• New
• List Price: $3,000

In store only

A variety of casting technologies are integrated into the RS250, such as Spotify® Connect, TIDAL® Connect, Apple® AirPlay® 2, Bluetooth®, Chromecast, and Roon Ready. With all of these built-in technologies, you can easily stream to the RS250 from your smart devices. A worthy successor to the RS200 Wireless Speaker System, the RS250 does not need a special control app; instead, it can conveniently be controlled directly from your favorite streaming apps that use compatible casting technologies.

 Standout Features:

  • Easily add streaming music to any room
  • Built-in casting: Spotify Connect, TIDAL Connect, Apple AirPlay 2, Bluetooth, Chromecast, Roon Ready
  • Control playback directly from your favorite compatible streaming apps – no dedicated control app needed
  • 650 Watts of total power
  • New, quick responding LED digital meters

Moon 400M Power Amplifier

• New: $9,200 per pair (in original packaging, mint condition, )
• Used: $5,000 (warranty active until 1/22/27)

Extremely powerful, yet with a delicacy and articulation of the best amplifiers out there, the 400M Power Amplifier can take on virtually any loudspeaker you connect it to. Delivering a bottom-end slam, with authority and weight to the foundation of the music, it will transport you into a live concert environment. On the top end of the musical spectrum, the 400M delivers finesse, detail and refinement that can challenge your perception of reality vs. recorded music.

Standout Features:

  • Fully balanced differential circuitry.

  • Precision matched proprietary MOON Bipolar output transistors for improved bass response and accurate sonic reproduction.

  • An oversized power supply using a custom proprietary toroidal transformer design.

  • A high damping factor yielding superior musical dynamics, improved signal speed & refined timbre accuracy.

  • “Class A” output to 10 watts for greater efficiency.

  • Optimized selection of very high quality electronic components.


Moon 680D Streaming DAC

• Used (original packaging, mint condition, warranty until 2033)
• List Price: $10,500
• Two-Tone: $6,000

The 680D is designed to deliver an outstanding high-resolution streaming experience through music services such as Spotify Connect, Tidal Masters, Qobuz Sublime+ and Deezer Hi-Fi. The DAC architecture supports PCM (up to 32-bit/384kHz), DSD (up to DSD256) and is MQA certified.

Standout Features:

  • PCM Bit-depth range: 16 – 32 bits
  • PCM sampling frequency rates: 44.1 – 384 kHz
  • DSD sample rates: DSD64, DSD128 & DSD256, DSD and MQA decoding from all digital inputs
  • Multi-room synchronized playback
  • Frequency response (full range): 2Hz–100kHz +0/-3dB
  • THD @ 1kHz, 0dBFS (A-weighted) 0.0005 %
  • Intermodulation distortion 0.0003 %
  • Dynamic Range: 123 dB
  • Signal-to-noise Ratio: 123 dB @ full output
  • Channel Separation: 120 dB
  • Intrinsic Jitter: 1 Pico seconds RMS
  • Analog Output @ 0dBFS: 2.0 V
  • Analog output impedance: 100 Ω

Moon 700i v2

• Showroom Demo
• List Price: $16,000
• Two Tone Demo: $9,900

The MOON 700i v2 is the ultimate integrated amplifier. Intended to meet the needs of the most demanding music connoisseurs, it is a fully differential dual-mono design offering authority, finesse and superb control. Using a variety of refined technologies developed for MOON reference products, the 700i v2 provides more sonic transparency and accuracy than previously thought possible. In addition, this integrated amplifer offers extreme flexiblity while exuding a luxurious presence in any environment.

Standout Features:

  •  “Lynx” Technology eliminating the global feedback loop and resulting in more accurate musical reproduction with respect to tonality, via the elimination of common phase errors resulting from feedback.
  • Oversized dual-mono power supply.
  • “Class A” power output to 5 watts for greater efficiency.
  • Gain offset adjustment of ±10dB for each input.
  • Any input is configurable to become a “bypass input”, whereby the 700i v2’s volume control is bypassed, permitting a plethora of applications including usage in a home-theater environment.

Moon 860A v2

• Showroom Demo
• List Price: $20,000

• Two Tone Demo: $13,000

The MOON 860A v2 Power Amplifier is a balanced differential dual-mono Power Amp that provides both exceptional transparency and a remarkable musical soundstage.

The 860A v2 is a true evolution on earlier designs, and incorporates trickle-down technologies from the massive 888 Power Amplifier. MOON custom transistors, in conjunction with their award-winning zero global feedback amplifier topology are key factors behind the fabulous sonic attributes of the 860A v2. Rated at 225W per channel in dual-mono mode, or 750W in monaural mode, the 860A v2 will mate seamlessly with virtually any loudspeaker, allowing it to reach its full sonic potential. Paired with a MOON preamplifier, the results are transparent, detailed and accurate with huge dynamics and an effortless bottom end.

Standout Features:

  •  Monaural operation via rear-panel switch
  • DC-coupled design with DC-servo control for greatest transparency
  • Switchable AC-coupling for best match with a variety of preamplifiers
  • Output stable into any load impedance
  • Class A power output up to 5 watts
  • Very high damping factor for superior musical dynamics, speaker control and refined harmonic accuracy and timbre.

Rockport Technologies Atria II Speakers

• Showroom Demo (Audi Glacier White Finish)
• List price: $44,000
Please Call for Pricing

Rockport Technologies is proud to announce the Atria II as the successor to our acclaimed Atria. While maintaining the elegant form of its predecessor, the Atria II establishes an entirely new level of musical realism.

Capitalizing on the benefits of our new waveguide mounted beryllium tweeter, we have completely redesigned the crossover in the Atria II to create a fundamentally transformed loudspeaker. The Atria II also uses our latest generation of custom, carbon fiber sandwich composite cone drivers designed and developed from the ground up by Rockport Technologies.

Both the bass driver and midrange driver utilize a revolutionary new carbon fiber fabric in their cone construction that further increases the stiffness/weight ratio of the cones, ensuring pure pistonic behavior throughout their entire operating range. The midrange and bass drivers also feature newly designed cone profiles as well as state of the art, ultra-linear, high-power motor systems. The result is vanishingly low distortion, incomparable resolution, and enormous dynamic range.


Rockport Technologies Avior II Speakers

• Used
• List price: $47,000

• Special price: $29,900

The Avior II’s waveguide mounted beryllium tweeter improves the acoustic impedance match of the tweeter at the low end of its range, and allows for lower distortion and greater dynamic expression from the tweeter itself, as well as improved dispersion characteristics at the midrange/tweeter crossover point.

The Avior II’s triple laminated, constrained mode damped enclosure boasts a solid 6 inch thick front baffle and variable section thickness, gracefully curved side panels and crowned top surface. Together, these not only create an elegant form, but also endow the enclosure with immense stiffness and minimum resonant signature. The enclosure’s large sweeping chamfers and ever changing baffle dimensions virtually eliminate diffraction anomalies, while the Avior II’s visually stunning, raked back form and high gloss piano black finish are the ideal complement to its awesome sonic accomplishment.

Like all Rockport Technologies loudspeakers, the Avior II has an extremely low resolution floor, and its sound remains coherent and resolved, as well as maintaining dynamic fidelity even when played at extremely low volumes. This ability to resolve low-level information is critical to reproducing the artistic nuance of music, as well as resolving the spatial cues of the recording environment, and enables the loudspeaker to transport the listener back to the original musical event.


Sonus Faber Il Cremonese EX3ME Speakers

• Showroom Demo
• List price: $62,500

In store only


Il Cremonese Ex3me’s revolutionary neutral sound enhances the underlying design concepts of the original Il Cremonese through novel electroacoustic innovations. It’s Beryllium DLC tweeter delivers highly detailed sound free of coloration, thanks to a custom treatment pioneered by the Sonus faber Research & Development team.

The dedicated mid-frequency transducer delivers a clean timbre through the iconic “Voice of Sonus faber” design concept. The midrange driver leverages a combination of natural materials to deliver uncompromising dynamic and true sound.

The dual woofers of Il Cremonese Ex3me, each with a diameter of 180 mm, are placed in an independent acoustic chamber, acoustically amorphous and fitted with ‘Stealth Reflex’ ducts. The woofers use a combination of natural and technical materials to deliver transparent and pristine low frequencies.

The two side-firing infra-woofers are a new design concept introducedfor Il Cremonese Ex3me. Their diaphragm is made from nanocarbon fiber, sourced for its incredible structural rigidity.


Totem Hawk Speakers in Mahogony

• Used
• List price: $3,500

• Special price: $1,499

Recently purchased Totem Hawks in Mahogony. Truly full range, extremely compact and aesthetically balanced. Both woofers and one tweeter recently replaced with original Totem parts. The cosmetics are generally very good but there are some cosmetic flaws.

  • Frequency Response: <32 Hz – 21 kHz ± 3 dB
  • Impedance: 6 ohms
  • Crossover Frequency: 2.5 kHz, 2nd order
  • Recommended Power: 30 – 120 W
  • Sensitivity: 88 dB
  • Woofer: 5.5” / 13.97 cm long throw
  • Tweeter: 1” / 2.54 cm alloy dome

Transparent PowerWave Gen 5

• Showroom Demo
• List price: $2,195

• Special price: $1,495

With quality noise filtration and a heavy machined aluminum chassis, PowerWave improves your power distribution and protects your components without limiting current or adding distortions. From listening systems to home theaters, PowerWave brings complete surge-spike protection wherever you need unrestricted noise-free power.

Standout Features:

  • Avalanche diode surge protection is instantaneous and never wears out
  • Parallel filtration avoids current limiting
  • Superior filtering lowers noise floor and improves dynamic response
  • Heavy machined aluminum chassis allows electromagnetic fields to expand more freely than less expensive steel plate enclosures

Transparent Reference Speaker Wire Gen 5

• Used
• List price: $11,000

• Special price: $4,795

Mixed length pair of Transparent Reference Speaker Cable Gen 5, terminated with spades on both ends. Stereo Exchange sold this as a new product and the customer required unequal lengths of 15 and 25 feet to work in his home.

Transparent Cable’s parallel network technology allows mixed lengths of cables with identical performance in both channels. As a company, they also offer excellent trade-up programs for future upgrades. This cable comes with the original Transparent boxes.

Reference Speaker Cable is an essential building block for a Connoisseur Level music or film system. It delivers extended and well-defined bass energy while creating a quiet interface between some of the most challenging speaker and amplifier combinations. Custom machined, highly polished gold-plated, tellurium copper spade lugs transfer power effortlessly through heavy, precision wound OFHC stranding.