Welcome Bob Herman!

Bob worked for 30 years at the legendary Lyric HiFi alongside the famous Mike K and Lenny Bellezza.

A huge thank you to Lenny for sending him our way!

We’re thrilled to have Bob aboard with his unique experience and wealth of knowledge in the high end world.

A few words from Bob:

I’m Bob Herman.

I’ve been in the high-end audio business for almost 40 years, starting at Sound By Singer in the 1980’s, and later at Lyric HiFi from 1990 until 2021.

I’ve been a dedicated audiophile since high school and have owned myriad high-end turntables, tonearms, cartridges, CD players, DAC’s, preamps, amps, speakers, cables, etc.

Extensive brand experience includes McIntosh, Bowers & Wilkins, Simaudio/Moon, Sonus Faber, Rega, VPI, dCS, and many others.

Although I do stream music from the ‘net and play CD’s, my heart belongs to vinyl. Nothing sounds as natural and as realistic to me.

I’m always thrilled at the chance to help people build a great sounding audio system that not only meets, but exceeds their expectation.

What’s New at Stereo Exchange? A Lot!

Stereo Exchange is proud to announce that we are now a dealer for the best sounding and best engineered Digital to Analog converters and CD/SACD player in the world. Please call to schedule your demo for the Bartok DAC or Rossini complete 3-box Transport/DAC/Clock solution.
Bartok DAC
Rossini Transport/DAC/Clock

dCS Rossini

Audio Research
We are thrilled to add the new ARC LS28SE Tube Preamplifier and new ARC REF80S Tube Power Amplifier to our demo mix.
ARC LS28SE Tube Preamplifier
ARC Reference 80S Tube Amplifier

ARC Reference 80S

Paradigm Founder’s Series
Paradigm has released a new line of fantastic and affordable speakers, with its pinnacle featuring built in 1000W subwoofers and room correction from Anthem.
Paradigm Founder 80F – 4-driver, 2.5 way floorstanding, ported enclosure loudspeaker
Paradigm Founder 100F – 5-driver, 3 way floorstanding, ported enclosure loudspeaker
Paradigm Founder 120H – 5-driver, 3 way hybrid floostanding with active bass, ported enclosure loudspeakerParadigm Founder 120H

Moon by Simaudio
We have added their new 860A v2 Power Amplifier to our reference area. It’s astonishingly good and has no design connection to the original 860A, but a lot in common with Simaudio’s top of the line Moon 888. We think it should have been called the 868!
860A v2 Power AmplifierSimaudio 860A v2

Experience The Best Speakers Under $100k

Experience The Best Speakers Under $100k
Rockport Technologies Cygnus Loudspeaker

Thursday March 12th 5PM – 9PM
857 Broadway, 3rd Floor (E17th St)

Industry Veterans In Attendance:
Rockport Technologies – Jon Zimmer – Director of Sales
Audio Research – Dave Gordon – Brand Ambassador
Luxman America – John Pravel – Vice President of Sales
Transparent Cable – Evan Coffey – Vice President of Operations

NY Topliner Camp

This year we are pleased to announce that we are sponsoring NY Topliner Camp. This burgeoning new program emulates the process of a record label songwriting camp, pairing songwriters and producers for a two-week creative experience. Their ultimate goal is to stimulate development of new and emerging talent, while building a community of passionate musicians and industry professionals.

When the folks at Topliner reached out to us we were inspired by the concept, and energized by the excited response they’ve received during their first few years in existence. Much like their community of creatives, our community of audiophiles is, at its heart, born from a love and great respect for music. It’s exciting to see an organization fostering musicians and building a program for them to thrive. We’re thrilled to be able to support NY Topliner Camp, and look forward to watching them continue to grow.

The Topliner process consists of three main events: A kickoff, a halfway point built around industry feedback, and a final showcase. The final showcase will take place this Thursday, 3/14, and you can secure your spot here

A High-End Stereo Store in Union Square

Why have a brick-and-mortar location for stereo equipment in New York City? Many consider the age of Amazon to be the twilight of the physical store, especially when most items can easily be sold online, and shipped from anywhere in the world.

Despite the cost-shaving trend of online retail, Stereo Exchange has committed to the brick-and-mortar approach to high end audio equipment for a few important reasons:

  1. Demos: Customers trying to compare components for their dream audio setup need more than online reviews and YouTube unboxings. Audio is such a personal experience. To arrive at a confident investment decision really requires a hands-on, live demo of a system’s capabilities. We will sometimes spend hours swapping different sets of speakers in with different amps, pre-amplifiers and DACs for a discerning customer. Nothing makes us happier than the confidence with which a customer makes their eventual buying decision.
  2. Service: Knowing you can look the person in the eye who sold you your stereo system gives a certain level of confidence through the buying process. It also adds a healthy level of pressure to us at Stereo Exchange to vet the brands we represent. As our showroom is limited and we handle ongoing support for the end user, we need to ensure the manufacturers we carry back up their brands with a same high level of service we provide to our customers. It’s a healthy kind of pressure, and one we feel is often lost during online transactions
  3. Culture: Even before Stereo Exchange was started in 1984, David Wasserman was running around New York City with the audiophile community. Technology evolves, new brands pop onto the scene, and a new generation of passionate people is being ushered into the world of audiophilia as we speak. We like having a place where those people can come together – whether to discuss audio one-on-one, or to enjoy one of our happy hour events.

While we enjoyed the high-profile store front downtown for the years that made sense, we’re equally happy to have evolved into our new Union Square audio showroom. By making the new Stereo Exchange by-appointment, customers are able to receive a focused, uninterrupted demo of the best in high-end audio from McIntosh Labs, Audio Research, Bowers & Wilkins, Rockport Technologies, Moon, and more.

If you’re looking for an audio equipment store in Manhattan, we hope you’ll come check us out. You can contact us to set up an appointment, or schedule your own.

McIntosh Announcement

We are thrilled to be McIntosh Labs‘ number one dealer in New York City again for 2018. As a staple of American audiophilia, McIntosh is one of our longest-standing partners (for more than 25 years!) While we’ve often been their top NYC dealer, to do so in our new boutique space is an exciting honor.  Thank you, McIntosh Labs, for continuing to build beautiful components of uncompromising quality, right here in New York State.

When we launched Stereo Exchange in 1984, a central part of our ethos was around building relationships with manufacturers that would support their products as reliably as we needed to support our customers. While we’ve seen a lot of flashy brands come and go, McIntosh has stood the test of time in a number of important ways. By avoiding the financial temptations to export their operations overseas, they have been able to maintain a level of quality control rarely reached in audio manufacturing. We’ve toured their New York factory several times, and have always been impressed with the obsessive level of detail on every tube, every circuit, and the rigorous testing every unit goes through. Their integral involvement in live performances from Woodstock to LCD Soundsystem further cements their passion for music.

They also stand by their work with a fabulous trade-in / trade-up program. The market for used McIntosh Labs gear has always remained strong, even with McIntosh themselves. They take an already strong warranty and make it better with the ability to trade in your existing McIntosh equipment for credit toward a newer model. As dealers, we feel more confident selling McIntosh as it’s an investment that often increases in value over time. We also pay top dollar for used McIntosh gear from 1960’s tube to recent solid state.

We provide private demos of a wide range of McIntosh products. Whether you’re interested in experiencing the MC611 mono blocks paired with the C1100 C&T pure analogue preamp, or the more affordable MC462 / C2600 combination, we can deliver the focused experience you need to make an informed decision.

Call Glenn or Evan at 212-505-1111 (press 2) and schedule your uninterrupted demo.

Introducing Rockport Cygnus

We’ve always loved Rockport. Built by Andy Payor, an engineering genius, Rockport delivers increasingly impressive dynamics in every iteration, while further eliminating noise.

Due to the popular reception of the Atria II and Avior II at our showroom, we have decided to up the ante with the Cygnus. At first glance, the Cygnus is assumed to be a minor improvement of the familiar Rockport form. Upon testing, however, the Cygnus proves to bring significantly improved resolution, markedly deeper bass, and a quieter cabinet than ever (thanks to an aluminum sub vac.)

All Rockport speakers can be ordered in any automotive finish. Make an appointment today to hear the undeniable clarity and quality of Rockport.

CNET Interview

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Steve Guttenberg, the Audiophiliac from CNET, to talk about our history in the industry.

David talks about discovering the high-end audio business, remaining agnostic about brands, and interpreting the audiophile language.

A True Collector’s Item

For McIntosh Labs‘ 70th Anniversary, their Binghamton, NY team designed this striking 2-Channel Vacuum Tube Amp. They ran 70 of these with sequential serial numbers and packaged them with the C70 Tube Preamp and McIntosh book. These 70 have become rare finds in the audiophile world.

We’re thrilled to have obtained #53 in this exclusive run, and all factory sealed.

McIntosh has been a special part of American music since its beginning, and a reliable partner of Stereo Exchange for the last 30 years. The uncompromising quality of the McIntosh MC 2152 is a testament to their engineering and craftsmanship. It’s a true joy to have obtained one of the official 70.

The best $100,000 Hi-Fi on the Planet

The best $100,000 Hi-Fi on the Planet

On Thursday December 13th, join us after work for a listening experience that will change the way you think about sound reproduction…

With a stack from Audio Research‘s Reference Series, Avior II speakers from Rockport Technologies, a Brinkman Spyder turntable, and Transparent Cables, we will be spinning records for a high-fidelity happy hour at our Union Square showroom.

Thursday, 12/13 from 5pm to 8pm

857 Broadway, 3rd Floor (at the corner of 17th Street), 10003

RSVP today…

Click here if you would like to attend.

Note: As space is limited, we may not be able to host everyone who responds. Please look out for an email confirmation from us after you RSVP.

We visited the Audio Research factory recently and were amazed at the obsessive attention to detail. After rigorous tube and parts testing and matching throughout the entire production process, every single unit is auditioned in a reference audio system by specific Audio Research personnel to assure proper performance prior to shipping.