Rockport Technologies

We are proud to be New York City’s premiere location for, and resident experts on, Rockport Technologies. Stereo Exchange keeps Rockport floor standing speakers on display at our new by-appointment showroom in Union Square.

Thoughts on the brand…

You wouldn’t expect a company as small as Rockport to employ such advanced speaker engineering, but any audiophile who knows his stuff will admit this small Maine company is arguably the best in the world in terms of engineering. The owner, Andy Payor, is a genius who started making hearing aids. As both a mechanical engineer and a materials engineer, he built the Rockport brand with ambitious performance goals, and the results are stunning.

Rap your knuckles on the cabinet of a Rockport floor standing speaker and hear how dead silent it is. When measuring the impulse energy around speakers most cabinets create minor vibrations which bring unwanted noise into your listening experience. This is not the case with Rockports cabinets, which are also shaped to completely deaden vibration and isolate movement to the parts that are supposed to move. The custom-made woofers, tweeters, and graphite carbon fronts are all designed with the same intention of purity.

Listening to a song on Rockport speakers is like peeling all the layers of the music back. It’s the real deal.

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We believe quality sound embodies five characteristics…

1. Highest fidelity to the original recorded performance.

2. Harmonious clarity, tonal color and timbre.

3. Accentuated balance between accuracy and warmth.

4. Natural sound staging and phase-perfect ambiance.

5. Precise and detailed renditions.

David Wasserman

David Wasserman


David started his career in the audio business selling new and used hi-fi at Audio Exchange, a west village haven for music lovers to share stories and listen to good music.  While there, David recognized his passion for entrepreneurship. Soon after his start as a salesman, he became the store’s general manager, successfully running the day-to-day operations and increasing the business’s profitability.  After a few years leading Audio Exchange, he decided to venture out on his own.  What resulted was Stereo Exchange: a store that became a New York institution and a destination for all lovers of good music.
Ann Wasserman

Ann Wasserman


Ann has been side by side with David since Stereo Exchange’s beginning.  In fact, it was her initial financial investment that helped Stereo Exchange get off the ground.  Since then, she has been an invaluable part of the organization, contributing significantly to branding, human resources, and customer service.  Without her acute eye, instinct for good people, and insistence on excellence, Stereo Exchange would not have enjoyed the longevity it has.
Glenn Marston

Glenn Marston

Audio Video Sales

Glenn has applied a wide-ranging appreciation of music from his decades-long career in audio. Handling management and sales in the high end audio industry since 1984, Glenn and David crossed paths many times before Glenn officially joined the Stereo Exchange team in 2016. He is delighted to once again be able to connect clients with the best possible gear, from helping new customers discover the benefits of a good audio system to introducing innovations to legacy clients.
Evan Fusco

Evan Fusco

VP Sales

Evan got the audio “bug” at JSG Audio in Binghamton, NY, helping design loudspeakers while attending SUNY Binghamton. He began his official audiophile career at Stereo Exchange in 1986 and thrived here for more than 15 years. In 2002 Evan left to pursue excellence in Custom Installation, including 4 years at Audio Command Systems, the leading integrator in the Northeast. He has now returned,  combining his expertise to provide the best sounding and easiest to use systems available.

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