Welcome Bob Herman!

Bob worked for 30 years at the legendary Lyric HiFi alongside the famous Mike K and Lenny Bellezza.

A huge thank you to Lenny for sending him our way!

We’re thrilled to have Bob aboard with his unique experience and wealth of knowledge in the high end world.

A few words from Bob:

I’m Bob Herman.

I’ve been in the high-end audio business for almost 40 years, starting at Sound By Singer in the 1980’s, and later at Lyric HiFi from 1990 until 2021.

I’ve been a dedicated audiophile since high school and have owned myriad high-end turntables, tonearms, cartridges, CD players, DAC’s, preamps, amps, speakers, cables, etc.

Extensive brand experience includes McIntosh, Bowers & Wilkins, Simaudio/Moon, Sonus Faber, Rega, VPI, dCS, and many others.

Although I do stream music from the ‘net and play CD’s, my heart belongs to vinyl. Nothing sounds as natural and as realistic to me.

I’m always thrilled at the chance to help people build a great sounding audio system that not only meets, but exceeds their expectation.