What’s New at Stereo Exchange? A Lot!

Stereo Exchange is proud to announce that we are now a dealer for the best sounding and best engineered Digital to Analog converters and CD/SACD player in the world. Please call to schedule your demo for the Bartok DAC or Rossini complete 3-box Transport/DAC/Clock solution.
Bartok DAC
Rossini Transport/DAC/Clock

dCS Rossini

Audio Research
We are thrilled to add the new ARC LS28SE Tube Preamplifier and new ARC REF80S Tube Power Amplifier to our demo mix.
ARC LS28SE Tube Preamplifier
ARC Reference 80S Tube Amplifier

ARC Reference 80S

Paradigm Founder’s Series
Paradigm has released a new line of fantastic and affordable speakers, with its pinnacle featuring built in 1000W subwoofers and room correction from Anthem.
Paradigm Founder 80F – 4-driver, 2.5 way floorstanding, ported enclosure loudspeaker
Paradigm Founder 100F – 5-driver, 3 way floorstanding, ported enclosure loudspeaker
Paradigm Founder 120H – 5-driver, 3 way hybrid floostanding with active bass, ported enclosure loudspeakerParadigm Founder 120H

Moon by Simaudio
We have added their new 860A v2 Power Amplifier to our reference area. It’s astonishingly good and has no design connection to the original 860A, but a lot in common with Simaudio’s top of the line Moon 888. We think it should have been called the 868!
860A v2 Power AmplifierSimaudio 860A v2

We have added the STR series to our demo mix, and the combination of sound quality, technology (ARC Anthem Room Correction), and power, is tough to beat at their affordable price levels.
STR Integrated Amplifier
STR Preamplifier
STR Power Amplifier

Anthem STR Series Power Amplifier

The modernized Model 5 is a top value performer. It combines the warm looks of the vintage audio area, but with the greatly improved performance of modern products.
KLH Model Five Floorstanding Speaker

KLH Model Five Speakers