Buying, Selling & Trading Pre-Owned Equipment

Stereo Exchange, New York City’s premier purveyor of high-end audio equipment, has been buying, selling, and trading audio equipment longer than anyone. After all, that’s where David Wasserman’s roots lie. Our staff is trained to evaluate and appraise your equipment.

Selling Your Pre-Owned Equipment

Stereo Exchange pays top dollar for pre-owned audio equipment. We recognize our customer’s passion to create high-end sound may require upgrades. We’re always looking for the following audio classics:

Audio Research
Mark Levinson

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Stereo Exchange has the finest selection of Pre-Owned Equipment

As technology improves, the performance of audio equipment continues to astound and astonish us. Although we love “state of the art”, we recognize the performance of equipment designed a few years back is still darn good. Stereo Exchange searches for the finest pre-owned equipment to provide our clients with the best values on the market. All of our equipment has been thoroughly tested.

Here are examples of used equipment sales:

Revel Ultima Salon Loudspeakers- Original Retail $15,000 SOLD $3,888






Mark Levinson No. 436 Monoblock Ampliers – Original Retail $12,600 SOLD $4,000





   Vintage Marantz Model 8B Tube Amplifier- SOLD $2,400




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