What’s New #1

Hello Stereo Exchange customers, new and old.

Welcome to the "what’s new" section of our website. This is where we will keep you
posted on new lines we are carrying, new demos we have set up, in-store events and basically any
pertinent information relative to Stereo Exchange and our family of customers, custom integrators,
audiophiles and musicians. So be sure to check in often as there have been a lot of great
developments lately and there are many more on the horizon.

Now that we have established the framework, let’s take a look at some of the great lines we
have added recently.

Because of it’s lush and engaging sonics, fantastic fit and finish and stellar overall value
we’ve added Vienna Acoustics to our roster. And just in time for the new Klimt series
of loudspeakers. Do yourself a favor and come hear the "Kiss" monitor which we have paired
with, wait for it…. an Audio Research reference system!

Yep. We are now an Audio Research dealer. These guys represent the top of the heap in tube gear and
if you are considering a vaccuum tube audio system you owe it to yourself to explore Audio Research.

Also recently added to the lineup are J.A. Michell turntables. These are fantastically well
engineered, extremely speed stable, beautiful and downright awesome sounding ’tables. They
have been made in Great Britain since the 1970s and they over achieve at their modest price points.
Some of you may remember the turntable in "A Clockwork Orange" that played a lot of
"The old Ludwig Van…" That’s a J.A. Michell deck.

Those some are the major new lines we’ve added but, while we’re on the subject of
turntables, I’d like to mention the addition of the new Ayre turntable made in
collaboration with the DPS company from Germany. Unassuming to look at, but inspiring to hear. Ayre
has done it again! Speaking of revolutionary Ayre collaborations, we’ve got the QB-9 USB
as well. Developed with Wavelength Audio pioneer, Gordon Rankin, this fully balanced, zero
negative feedback asynchronous DAC will blow the mind of any computer auio fanatic.

Before I wrap this up I have one more word. T-O-T-E-M!!! One of, if not, THE greatest manufacturer
of loudspeakers today. With a real populist approach, they do not have any prohibitively expensive
models in the $20K plus range. Only stellar designs that deliver by far the best performance of any
loudspeakers at relative price points. You MUST hear the new Wind Design. It will move your

Last but not least, we are rapping up a complete renovation of our most impressive listening room
(Affectionatly reffered to as "Room Zero"). Stay tunned for pics and updates of the
reference system that will be showcased in this incredible space.

Ok. Thanks for reading this lengthy first installment. Now all you have to do is visit the store and
check out these and other goodies we have on display.

Have a great finish to your summer and best wishes to you all,

– The staff at Stereo Exchange