The most trusted names in the industry

Access Networks (official website)

Access Networks is the leading provider of pre-programmed networking solutions for the custom electronics industry. The company developed its Access Unity Network℠, an enterprise-grade unified home network, to meet the growing AV and automation demands of high-end residential environments. Founded in 2003 as an outsourced IT company for AV dealers, Access Networks holds more than 20 Cisco and Ruckus Wireless certifications and is comprised of IT and CE professionals committed to making technological convergence a reality.

Aëdle (official website)

French designed and manufactured Headphones with jewel-like finishes.

Arcam (official website)

Arcam designs and manufactures award winning hi-fi and home cinema equipment from its base just outside of Cambridge in the UK. Since 1976, it's team has dedicated itself to providing high performance solutions for people who demand only the best from film and music. Where appropriate, their products utilize the latest ground-breaking technology, while maintaining a sophisticated simplicity of design. They pride themselves on producing equipment which lasts; indeed, they are still able to repair most products that they made over twenty years ago.

Astell&Kern (official website)

The Astell&Kern is the ultimate portable high-fidelity audio system capable of playing Mastering Quality Sound (MQS) from music mastering studios. MQS refers to all of the high resolution digital music recording studio formats up to 24-bit/ 44 – 192kHz. MQS delivers vast amounts of better music experience because MQS delivers 6.5 times of the detailed information in the same track.

Audeze (official website)

Audeze is a high-end audio headphone and accessory manufacturer delivering the most accurate sound reproduction available today. Their products are engineered with the latest innovations in materials science that produce an astonishingly dynamic enveloping sound with powerful bass, an attractive, inviting midrange and open extended highs.

Audio Engine (official website)

Audioengine designs and builds innovative audio products with all your music in mind. Check out our award-winning sound, high-quality materials and truly useful features.
Audioengine products are based on custom designs with very few off-the-shelf parts. After years of building professional powered studio monitor speakers, Audioengine has taken their experience and created unique powered consumer speakers for your home and desktop.

Audioquest (official website)

Founded by Bill Low in 1980, Audioquest has been making some of the most highly regarded audio cables on the market for over 30 years. Focusing primarily on empirical experience VS abstract theorizing, the team at Audioquest has had tremendous success in tackling inherent problems with cable design and come up with innovative and original solutions. Come on in to see what kind of a difference Audioquest cables can make in your system.

Auralic (official website)

AURALiC produces high-end audiophile products both reliable and upgradable specializing in headphone amplifiers and digital to analog convertors.

Autonomic (official website)

Autonomic Controls, Inc. is the leading innovator of digital media solutions for integrators and manufacturers in the custom electronics industry.

B&W Bowers and Wilkins (official website)

Displeased with contemporary speaker performance, John Bowers and Roy Wilkins began building custom high-fidelity loudspeakers in the 1960’s. Their pursuit of perfection quickly gained them a dedicated customer base, further enabling research into pristine sound reproduction. A close working relationship with recording studios helped B&W to conceive the 801 series in 1979, which soon became the reference speaker in nearly all of the world’s classical recording studios.

Bel Canto (official website)

Years of digital amplifier design as well as audio engineering experience leads to the most innovative, high performance audio product line available. Dedication to the goal of revealing compelling and powerful musical expression fuels our commitment to design and develop performance audio equipment that takes you closer to the original performance and the intent of the artists, engineers and producers.

Beyerdynamic (official website)

Beyerdynamic is a German audio equipment manufacturer, which produces microphones, headphones, wireless audio systems and conference systems. Beyerdynamic remains a family owned company since it was founded in 1924 making it one of the oldest audio companies in the world.

Box Furniture (official website)

At Box, our goal is to design and build elegant furniture in support of High Fidelity audio systems. Extensive listening tests and careful materials consideration are integral to the creation of the BOX line of furniture. Just as the materials selection of a finely crafted musical instrument affects its tonal qualities, the BOX materials recipe is refined to best mate with the precise resolution and demands of High Fidelity audio components. Our furniture is handcrafted in the USA utilizing the highest quality materials, mortise and tenon construction, and modern catalyzed finishes. This combination of traditional craftsmanship, clean contemporary lines, and great sound will complement the finest of audio systems.

Chief (official website)

Simply stated, Chief is the industry leader in providing professional mounting solutions. Whether it’s a 20′ TV in the kitchen, or a 103′ plasma, trust your investment to no one else. Designed and manufactured completely in the United States and with 30 years of experience, look no further than Chief for the best mounting brackets on the market.

Classe (official website)

Classé is Canada’s leading maker of high-performance music and theater components. Since building their first amplifier in 1980, passion and dedication have inspired the research that yields Classé’s outstanding no-compromise electronics. Classé components are developed by specialists covering a diverse array of disciplines, including analog and digital audio and video electronics, software and mechanical engineering and industrial design. Our electronics are designed for music and movie lovers who appreciate beauty and elegance in all its forms.

Clear Audio (official website)

Since its inception, Clearaudio has amazed music lovers in more than 80 countries worldwide with analogue playback devices that set new standards of audio reproduction and constantly raise the bar a little higher. The range now also includes – in addition to high-end turntables, tonearms and cartridges – phonostages, preamplifiers, class A power amplifiers, connectors, cables and audio racks plus a wide range of accessories for maximum listening pleasure. The company has also embraced music production and now creates Clearaudio’s own audiophile recordings and lovingly supervised re-releases of legendary classical discs once produced for the world famous Deutsche Grammophon.

Control4 (official website)

Control4 offers a complete line of home-automation products that makes sophisticated home-control solutions practical and affordable for every home. With Control4, everything works better because it works together – home theater, multi-room music, lighting, temperature, safety and security systems – are all controlled by a single platform. Talk to a salesman to learn more about this cost effective and reliable control platform.

Crestron (official website)

Crestron is the world’s leading manufacturer of advanced control and automation systems, innovating technology and reinventing the way people live and work. Offering integrated solutions to control audio, video, computer, IP and environmental systems, Crestron streamlines technology, improving the quality of life for people in corporate boardrooms, conference rooms, classrooms, auditoriums, and in their homes.

Da-Lite (official website)

For nearly 100 years, Da-Lite has been designing, manufacturing and marketing the most comprehensive line of projection screens in the world. Today, they offer their widest selection ever of proprietary projection screen fabrics and materials in their history. Whether you need a projection screen for a corporate boardroom or a residential media room, D-Lite is a world-class solution.

Devialet (official website)

Devialet is a new concept embedding all the elements of a traditional stereo system in one block, compatible with all digital/analog sources and speakers. These French designed and manufactured integrated amplifiers feature SAM technology to perfectly match sound pressure recorded by the microphone to your specific speakers.

Etymotic Research (official website)

Etymotic Research, Inc. is an engineering-driven research, development and manufacturing company. The name “Etymotic” (pronounced “et-im-oh-tik.”) means “true to the ear.” Mead Killion, Ph.D. founded Etymotic Research in 1983 to design products that accurately assess hearing, improve the lives of those with hearing loss, protect hearing, and enhance the listening experience of musicians and music lovers everywhere. Innovation, education and hearing conservation are central to Etymotic’s mission. Etymotic’s products are used by scientists, hearing practitioners, hearing-impaired consumers, professional and amateur musicians, and others who insist on superior sound quality. Audio engineers, audiologists and musicians working together have generated over 100 patents issued and pending. A number of Etymotic’s 60 employees are accomplished musicians. Etymotic Research is located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

Focal (official website)

Focal has been designing and manufacturing loudspeakers for the home, speaker drivers for cars and studio monitors for recording studios for over 30 years, and more recently headphones. Based in Saint-Étienne, France, Focal is a world leader in the industry thanks to our technologies and constant innovation. This philosophy adds long-term value to Focal loudspeakers, because you won’t find these technologies anywhere else.

Fosgate Signature (official website)

One of the finest headphone amplifiers in the world designed by industry legend Jim Fosgate.

Furman Sound (official website)

Furman Sound has been producing high-quality, professional products since 1974. Their products fall into two broad categories: the audio and video signal processors and the innovative AC power conditioning and distribution products for which we are best known. Applications for these products are no longer limited to music, but also span a wide range of markets. Our highly acclaimed CE line, established in 2001, incorporates a complete line of AC power management products specifically engineered for today's home theater systems. Additional applications for our professional audio/video products include sound reinforcement, home and professional recording, post production, broadcast systems, telecommunications, and data processing.

Geneva Labs (official website)

Geneva Labs is the leading manufacturer of high-end iPod speaker systems. Designed in Switzerland with a decidedly minimalist and contemporary look, these units offer an incredible solution to those who need more from an Ipod system than the competition offers. Available in a variety of stunning lacquer finishes and with sizes to meet the demands of any room, it is no wonder Geneva Labs continues to “wow” reviewers across the audio world. Check out their official website for more details.

GoldenEar Technology (official website)

The GoldenEar team fully utilizes all its combined experience to deliver more sonic superiority, with performance that is often unequalled in competitors’ speakers selling for three, four or five times as much as a comparable GoldenEar speaker. Most importantly, the signature GoldenEar sound is consistent through all of our loudspeakers, regardless of price.

Grado Labs, Inc. (official website)

Grado, one of the oldest family owned companies in the Audio Industry, has, for almost half a century, been the leader in design engineering for the high-end audio and recording industries. Grado is famous for their remarkable headphone and phono cartridge designs and hold over 48 patents.

Harmonic Resolution Systems (official website)

Harmonic Resolution Systems is a team of skilled engineers and dedicated craftsmen with decades of experience in the design, development, and production of audio isolation systems. Their audio racks are made of proprietary materials developed by skilled chemists to yeild the highest possible performance for your audio equipment. These skills are utilized with passion at HRS to create products with exceptional performance and quality.

HiFiMAN (official website)

Founded by Dr. Fang Bian in 2007, HiFiMAN is widely regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of high performance headphones and portable audio products. HiFiMAN is especially known for its critically-acclaimed Planar-Magnetic headphones that feature state-of-the-art driver technology.

Integra (official website)

Their mission is unique: In addition to building components that home theater enthusiasts love, Integra is also out to design and create components that set new standards for system integration, upgrade capability and multi-zone expansion. The end results are a company and a product line that has never had any intention of being the biggest, just the best.

Kaleidescape (official website)

The Kaleidescape System is an entertainment server that has changed the way movies and music are collected and enjoyed in a home, yacht or private jet. The Kaleidescape System combines a compelling user interface, an outstanding industrial design, and services that set new standards in the consumer electronics industry.

Key Digital (official website)

Key Digital, led by digital video pioneer Mike Tsinberg, develops and manufactures high quality, cutting-edge technology solutions for virtually all applications where high quality video imaging is important. They’re products are used by professional broadcasters, corporations, custom installers, home theater retailers, and consumers. Key Digital is at the forefront of technology with innovative features and solutions.

Kimber Kable (official website)

KIMBER KABLE products are created using the Oscar engineering process. Oscar stands for Objective Subjective Correlation and Results. Through this process they make the estimable and critical link between scientific measurements and listening impressions. This process is greatly assisted by their exceptionally advanced test and research facility, which is regarded as one of the most well-equipped in the audio industry.

Last (official website)

Scientists who were interested in preserving their own record collections founded the LAST Factory in 1979. Their research resulted in LAST Record Preservative, a product that continues to receive wide acclaim in the audio industry. With ongoing research, the LAST product family has grown to include products that are designed to increase the life of all kinds of acoustical and video media, helping individuals, institutions, and the recording and broadcast industries to save and protect their vast libraries of recorded information.

Leon (official website)

For almost 10 years, the Leon Speaker Corporation has been dedicated to producing the highest quality and most innovative loudspeakers for the home theater and custom installation market. Leon pioneered the on-wall plasma speaker in 1998, and continues to be the only company that custom builds each speaker to order, exactly matching every Plasma TV, LCD or flat-screen display. Using proprietary manufacturing processes and state-of-the-art construction techniques, Leon creates sound solutions for virtually any application.

Lutron (official website)

Lutron Electronics Company, Inc is devoted to controlling lighting. Our focus on product innovations, technology, quality, and customer service has made us the undisputed leader worldwide in the area of lighting controls. We offer more than 10,000 products to satisfy virtually any residential or commercial project. Lutron products adjust the intensity of virtually every kind of light, and we remain to this day the only company that provides an integrated solution for controlling both natural daylight as well as electrical lighting.

Martin Logan (official website)

MartinLogan is an American company producing conventional speakers as well as floor-standing, wall-mounted, and in-wall hybrid speakers using electrostatic loudspeaker and planar magnetic thin film loudspeaker technology. They have also recently introduced an excellent pair of headphones to complete their line-up.

Master & Dynamic (official website)

Designed and developed right here in New York City, Master & Dynamic builds beautifully designed, technically sophisticated headphones for creative minds.

McIntosh (official website)

McIntosh amplifiers are legendary for their transparency and longevity. From the start, over half a century ago, McIntosh Labs has been applying standards of production so high that distortion is infinitesimal, and demanding capacity so great that no component would ever be operated at its stress point. Combining distinctive styling with constant innovation, McIntosh is truly an industry heavyweight.

Middle Atlantic (official website)

Middle Atlantic Products, Inc., an ISO 9001:2000 registered company, is a manufacturer of engineered mounting solutions. Their customer-first philosophy places special emphasis on quality, service, and meeting the everyday working needs of end-users. All of their products are designed from the installer’s point of view. From thermal considerations and built-in cable management on our racks and enclosures to pre-installed washers on our rack screws they look at all aspects of an installation to find ways to save time and simplify the job.

Moon By Sim Audio (official website)

The focus of Moon By Simaudio is to provide ultimate enjoyment to the customer from the use of high-end home entertainment music and surround systems. To that end, Moon By Simaudio is committed to building the finest, best sounding, longest lasting and most aesthetically attractive equipment one can own for a given price. All products manufactured by Moon By Simaudio reflect a forward-thinking engineering process that is considered a generation ahead of the competition.

Musical Fidelity (official website)

One of Hi-Fi’s oldest and most respected brands, Britain’s Musical Fidelity has been synonymous with performance and value for more than 30 years. From the legendary, pure Class-A A1 Integrated Amplifier of the 1980s to today’s M6500 Musical Fidelity has employed innovative design and state-of-the-art engineering to deliver state-of-the-art sonics in compact, bargain-priced stereo components. We’re particularly proud of our new “V-Series” which includes high-performance Phono Preamplifiers, Digital-to-Analog Converters, USB adaptors and Headphone Amplifiers at prices as low as $169. Whether you’re a first-time Hi-Fi buyer or a veteran audiophile looking for no-holds-barred high-end, Musical Fidelity has products to satisfy every music lover.

Musical Surroundings (official website)

Musical Surroundings is a U.S. distributor and manufacturer of high-end audio equipment based in Oakland, California.

NAD (official website)

NAD Electronics (NAD originally was an acronym for New Acoustic Dimension) is a Canadian producer of low-cost home audiophile amplifiers and components owned by the Lenbrook Group of Pickering, Ontario, Canada. Its most famous product is the late-1970s NAD 3020 amplifier, designed by Bjorn Erik Edvardsen, which became a staple of low-budget Hi-Fi in Britain, where the company was originally founded in London by Martin Borish. NAD offers truly innovative and high-quality products that can be sold at very competitive prices.

Ortofon (official website)

Ortofon is the world’s leading specialist and a developer of acclaimed phono cartridges, tonearms and high-end audio cables. Our products provide the most faithful and correct reproduction of analog recorded sound.

Pakedge (official website)

Pakedge creates high-performance networking products that utilize advanced wireless and networking technologies.

Peachtree Audio (official website)

Transform your computer or mp3 files into a great listening experience. Discover our high-end audio possibilities.

Phonon (official website)

Phonon is a new audio brand from Japan created when 3 top professional, veteran audiophiles set out to "tell people accurate information about imagination of music." After decades of research, dedication and high-level experience in the audio field and industry, our 3 audiophiles (one of them a former executive at the Japanese company TEAC) looking for better sound delivery, invented, developed and produced a revolutionary high end audio device based on an innovative new technology, concept and theory: the "PHD". PHD is the science behind the creation of some of the finest headphones on the planet.

Pro-Ject Audio (official website)

Pro-Ject Audio Systems is currently one of the world’s leading suppliers of record players, with a range of models designed to satisfy all levels of expectation and budget. In many countries of the world customers can rely on competent service and support from Pro-Ject distributors well versed in analogue record reproduction technology.

REL Acoustics (official website)

All REL sub-bass systems are optimized to deliver high fidelity bass in both two-channel and multi-channel applications. Their sophisticated Active Bass Control (ABC) filter/input regime allows them to be calibrated precisely for movie soundtracks and for two-channel listening simultaneously. Individual volume controls for high and low level inputs allow the user to maximize the fidelity of both systems. All REL systems offer a straight-through facility to accommodate the Low Frequency Effects channel found on DVDs.

Rogers High Fidelity (official website)

Born from the RCA entertainment business in Camden, NJ with roots that stretch from NASA, the US Navy and the NSA, Rogers High Fidelity has hit the tube amp scene with a veritable giant-killer. Hand-made in upstate New York, one at a time, with military grade components and assembled using aerospace processes, these amps must be heard to be believed. The EHF-100 is quite possibly the best tube amplifier we have heard at any price. Put this beauty up against anything on the market and see for yourself. With 100 Watts of push-pull power biased in Class A, the EHF-100 has yet to meet a speaker load that it could not drive with incredible finesse and musicality. You have never heard your speakers sound so good!

Rogue Audio (official website)

Rogue Audio designs and manufactures vacuum tube amplifiers. Their core competencies are electrical, mechanical and production engineering, along with an overarching passion for excellence. These skills are used to create products that offer outstanding value in the high-end marketplace.

Rotel (official website)

Rotel continuously strive to make home entertainment electronics that compare favorably with products costing many times their retail value. They achieve this by being very selective about raw component selection and through meticulous circuit design. As a result, over the past 45 years, audio critics around the globe have come to recognize Rotel as one of the best performance/value manufacturers in the industry.

Salamander (official website)

Salamander’s furniture begins with a love of modern design – the simple, refined lines and functional forms the century’s most important designers have embraced. It reflects stringent principles; every product has timeless looks and incorporates unstinting quality. Their products are designed for a fast-moving electronic age, an era in which furniture must accommodate the changing requirements of its owners.

Samsung (official website)

Samsung Electronics is the global market leader in more than 60 products, including semiconductors such as DRAM, SDRAM, flash memory and hard drives, digital displays such as LCD displays, plasma displays and OLED displays, home electronics such as TVs, DVD players, Blu-ray players, home cinema systems, set-top boxes and projectors.

Sanus (official website)

Sanus systems offer incredible value for the money when it comes to mounting solutions. A subsidiary of Chief Mfg, Sanus mounts are a great alternative for less critical TV mounting applications.

Savant (official website)

Savant Systems develops and manufactures a complete suite of integrated solutions that has defined the modern age of home and commercial automation. Savant’s Apple®-based platform cohesively addresses control, audio/video, telephony, digital display, energy management and the media integration needs of today’s most advanced environments. Through its relationship with Apple, Savant has leveraged the familiarity and intuitive nature of the iPad® and iOS family of devices to address the control and automation needs of today’s consumers.

Sennheiser (official website)

For more than 60 years, the name Sennheiser has been synonymous with top-quality products and tailor-made complete solutions for every aspect of the recording, transmission and reproduction of sound. Come on in to check out our selection of Sennheiser head and in-ear phones.

Seura (official website)

In 2003, Tim and Gretchen Gilbertson had an idea: products that bridge the gap between technology and décor. With innovation at the heart of the business, Séura continues to manufacture the finest outdoor and concealed television products including the Mirror TV.

Sharp (official website)

The new Sharp Elite LCD televisions are an incredible combination of state-of-the-art engineering and proprietary magic. You’ll experience a superior range of colors, with the addition of yellow pixels to the standard RGB palette. Super smooth pans that challenge even the fastest camera sweeps. Contrast that spans deep black to the purest white. And a proprietary full array LED backlight technology that produces a significantly brighter and richer image. You’ll instantly recognize this as an entirely different breed of television picture.

Shelter Cartridges (official website)

Yasuo Ozawa launched shelter in 1986 purely because he held the notion that music, in its purest form, is art. Instead of believing that a phono cartridge is a mechanical device for music reproduction, Mr. Ozawa felt in his heart that his cartridge was indeed a musical instrument in its own right. Lovingly and meticulously hand-crafted, Shelter cartridges are so precise that every nuance and every delicate passage of music is faithfully reproduced at a level that is unmatched in the audio world. Twenty years of painstaking, passionate and meticulous attention to microscopic detail has lead Shelter to the pinnacle of audio perfection.

Shunyata Research (official website)

Shunyata Research produces what many consider to be the industry standard when it comes to power conditioning and power cords. Their “Hydra V-ray” has won just about every audio award that can be won, and continues to garner accolades in the professional recording studio world, as well as consumers alike. Simply state-of-the-art performance.

Sim Audio (official website)

Music is a fascinating motion vector. We are convinced that the MOON devices can, through music, bring a wellness without measure to achieve musical ecstasy. Our mission is clear: make the best sound system ever made.

Sonos (official website)

Making it easy to play music all over the house was a hard problem to solve, one that called for a new approach to developing and delivering consumer electronics. At Sonos they excel at building systems that combine hardware, software, industrial design, usability design, and services into a simple package that works right out of the box. And since they're mission is to create fanatical customers, they offer the best customer support in the business. They constantly improve their systems even after they ship by delivering software updates that add new features and music services.

Sonus Faber (official website)

The aesthetic component in Sonus faber loudspeakers stems from a conceptual choice: the result of a perfect dialogue between the language of forms and functionality. An essential contribution to the acoustic identity of Sonus faber loudspeakers comes from our special combination of craftsmanship and technology. They offer contemporary artisan craft in which the maximum expression of human sensitivity and skill can be seen in the process of selecting, working and treating the wood and building the cabinets.

Sony (official website)

Sony Corporation of America, located in New York, NY, is the U.S. headquarters of Sony Corporation, based in Tokyo, Japan. Sony’s principal U.S. businesses include Sony Electronics Inc., Sony Mobile Communications (USA) Inc., Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC, Sony Network Entertainment International LLC., Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc., Sony Music Entertainment and Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC. With some 900 million Sony devices in hands and homes worldwide today, a vast array of Sony movies, television shows and music, and the PlayStation Network and the Sony Entertainment Network, Sony creates and delivers more entertainment experiences to more people than anyone else on earth.

The cutting-edge co-developer of the CD, the DVD and the Blu-ray Disc format, Sony continues to break new ground with innovative products like the PlayStation®4, Xperia™ smartphones and tablets, BRAVIA® 4K televisions, 4K professional cameras, and the Cyber-shot®, Alpha DSLR and NEX digital cameras. In 2013, Sony led the movie, television and music industries with 21 Academy Award, 22 Golden Globe and 95 Grammy nominations

Stewart (official website)

Stewart Audio is a manufacturer of high quality power amplifiers for the professional marketplace. Since 1982, Stewart’s commitment to innovation in design and quality workmanship has provided its customers with a unique combination of performance and reliability. As a pioneer of high frequency switch mode power supply technology, Stewart leads the field in lightweight power amplifiers that produce excellent sound.

Surgex (official website)

For over 15 years, SurgeX has manufactured premium power protection products for the audio, video, and multi-media marketplace. Their award winning residential product line has won numerous industry awards including the Electronic House 2012 Product of the Year, CEPro Best 2011 Award, CEDIA Electronic Lifestyles 2010 Award, the 2010 Resi Awards, and Custom Retailer 2011 and 2010 Excite Awards. Surgex protects high end residential systems, as well as nationally recognized concert halls, sports areas, and auditoriums including Carnegie Hall, Dallas Cowboys new Stadium, Yankees Stadium, and The Kimmel Center.

Sutherland Engineering (official website)

Ron Sutherland started Sutherland Engineering, Inc with his brother John. They began doing contract manufacturing; one of its clients was Martin-Logan. With the profits from manufacturing, Ron would retreat to his office to explore amplifier design concepts. After a few years, he emerged from the office with the first Sutherland Engineering audio product.

Totem Acoustic (official website)

Uncompromising design, engineering, attention to detail and extensive critical listening tests – the attributes long associated with all their products – have resulted in speaker systems worthy of the Totem name. At Totem, minute attention to every detail is their guiding principle. They believe a speaker should exhibit liveliness and spaciousness of sound, with all the qualities that make live music truly soul-moving. Dynamics, transients, decay, harmonics, timbre and rhythm must all be realistically portrayed. Few speakers address all of these parameters.

Transparent (official website)

Transparent was founded in 1980 by music lovers and audiophiles with a wealth of educational and employment experiences. Transparent has grown from a line of audio cabling to a complete range of cables and power conditioning products for audio, digital, and video applications. Whether your priority is to create a more accurate musical experience or a more realistic theater experience, Transparent provides the essential links between all your fine components.

Universal Remote Control (official website)

Universal Remote Control is a world leader in the custom design, engineering, manufacturing and distribution of high-quality remote controls and home automation products. With more than 20 years of experience, Universal Remote Control produces a family of innovative IR/RF products to meet customer requirements around the world.

V-Moda (official website)

V-MODA is a private international company specializing in the design and production of high-end mobile audio products, including headphones, earphones, portable amplifiers, protection ear plugs and accessories.

VPI (official website)

VPI Industries Inc. is a high-end audio manufacturer that was started by Sheila and Harry Weisfeld thirty five years ago. Their products include turntables, tonearms and record cleaning machines. All VPI products are built in the United States in Cliffwood, New Jersey using American made parts and labor. They are an old school American manufacturer sourcing American made components whenever possible, even if they are more expensive than foreign components.

Wadia (official website)

Wadia Digital, founded in 1988, is one of the original companies dedicated to high performance digital audio reproduction. From Wadia’s first component, the Wadia 2000 Decoding Computer, to the worlds first digital iPod transport, Wadia continues to be at the forefront of digital audio.

Wisdom Audio (official website)

Wisdom Audio was founded in 1996 with one goal in mind: to create the world’s finest loudspeakers, unbound by limitations of current technologies and past design. Wisdom’s pioneering use of large-scale thin film planar-magnetic transducers, electronic crossovers in place of passive designs, and innovative woofer designs were all developed to solve problems inherent in the limitations of conventional designs and their interactions with the listening room. These speakers are perfect for people who want integrate the finest performance into their home without compromising aesthetics. The result is an experience like no other.

Woo Audio (official website)

Founded in 2004, Woo Audio’s mission was then and to this day remains to fulfill the desires of the most demanding audiophiles and delight both listener’s eye and ear. Throughout more than 40 years’ experience building amplifiers and other electronic components, they came to the conclusion that simple design sound the best. As a result, Woo Audio’s philosophy is rooted in simplicity of design, both electronically and aesthetically. Where many of their audio components including their output transformers are handcrafted in our own audio workshop, the research and design, quality assurance and final assembly of all amplifiers take place in New York, USA to meet Woo Audio’s exacting standards. Woo Audio is committed to continually enhancing your listening experience and is excited by the prospect of introducing you to whole new world of sound.