What’s New #2

Greetings from HiFi heaven. It has been a wonderful winter here in the store, big thanks to all who
came by to celebrate our 25th anniversary! For those of you who were unable to attend, we had
acclaimed singer Lori Lieberman (writer of the song "killing me softly") perform in our
front window! Best part was all of the PA equipment was wired with custom built Transparent
and sounded amazing.

So what’s new you ask? Well we have some great developments from PeachTree Audio,
NAD and B&W. Just released and in store available for demo is the idecco 2
from PeachTree Audio. This is a 40-watt per channel hybrid integrated amplifier with an
incredible DAC built right in the same box. But wait, there’s more… It has a direct digital
ipod dock built-in that is hard-wired to the onboard ESS Sabre DAC!!! Best part is… it’s
$999!!! Yikes! A giant killer if I have every seen one. We have it hooked up to a pair of Vienna
Acoustics Beethoven Baby Grands
and the sound is hard to believe for the price.


idecco rearess dac

Next, straight from the front cover of Stereophile Magazine, we have

NAD’s new M2 Direct Digital Amplifier. Truly revolutionary, the M2 is the first
amplifier on the market to take the PCM information on a CD and convert it to a PWM stream that
drives the class D output stage of the amp directly. Every other "Digital" amplifier on
the market needs to convert the digital signal on a CD into Analogue, and then take that analogue
signal and convert it to a PWM stream. This makes the NAD technology truly revolutionary, in that if
offers the shortest signal path from CD to sound, that has ever been available. If you are
interested, please check out NAD’s white paper on the amp here:

White Paper

M2 Front Inside M2

Okay so what other goodies do we have for you… How about the new

diamond series from B&W! When we received our demo samples a couple of weeks ago of the
new 802D2, everyone was skeptical that the sound could be that much better then the previous
model because the cabinet is exactly the same- boy did we get that one wrong. These speakers are a
totally different animal. So musical! Highs are much more extended with out any sign of listening
fatigue, and the soundstage is much more laid-back, giving your ears a chance to relax and be pulled
into the music. These speakers just "breathe" right if you know what I mean. Way to go
B&W, we are truly impressed.

802 8022

Did someone say tubes? Well speaking of tubes- Stereo Exchange is proud to say that we are now
PrimaLuna dealers! PrimaLuna was founded by Herman van den Dungen in 2000 with the goal of
manufacturing high quality, affordable, and robust tube based stereo equipment that anyone could own
and operate. With the help of former Goldmund head engineer Marcel Croese, and tube guru Kevin Deal,
PrimaLuna has come up with an award winning product line that succeeds in bringing tube equipment to
a much broader audience. Come in to learn more about how PrimaLuna�s patented adaptive autobias
circuitry has revolutionized what it means to be an owner of tube based audio equipment.

prima insidedialog 2prima autobias

Also new on demo is The Music by Vienna Acoustic. If you were digging The Kiss,
you are going to love The Music. Imagine the Kiss and then add 3 proprietary 10" NAWA
bass drivers, and a Murata super tweeter to take extension up to 100,000hz! What’s there not
to love??? These beauties are currently rotating btwn our ARC ref system, and our AYRE
ref system. Call today for an appointment- you will not be disappointed!

music 1 music 2

Last but certainly not least, the venerable TOTEM ACOUSTIC has just anounced that their
Mite, Arro, Sttaf, Hawk and Forest loudspeakers will now be
available in their Design series finishes: Fire, Ice, Dusk and Sky.
These new multi-coat high gloss finishes are absolutley stunning, and are all on active demo. Way to
go Totem!

red like fire wind design

Until next time- enjoy the music!

-The staff at Stereo Exchange