WINNER Stereophile’s 2015 Loudspeaker of the Year

WINNER Stereophile’s 2015 Loudspeaker of the Year


Stereo Exchange congratulates Sandy Gross founder of Golden Ear on TRITON ONE winning Stereophile’s 2015 Loudspeaker of the Year!

We invite you to come in and audition this amazing loudspeaker.

Sandy Expresses His Feelings in an Email To Us!

” You know, winning Stereophile’s Loudspeaker-of-the-Year is, perhaps, the highest honor that a loudspeaker can achieve in the world of high-end audio.  Plus, this is doubly significant for such an affordable loudspeaker as the Triton One, when you realize that the co-winner sells for $25,000 a pair. Other years’ winners often sell for $50,000, $100,000, or $200,000 a pair, and you have to go back to 2007 to find another winner under $20,000 a pair (at $18,000, not much under). And, of course, Borderline Class A, which was also written about, is a similar, very special achievement, when you realize the average Class A speaker this year sold for $54,000 a pair. And to cap it off, the TritonOne was also a finalist for Overall-Product-of-the-Year! Quite an amazing honor. “

-Sandy Gross