Phonon Headphones- A Stereo Exchange EXCLUSIVE



Recently featured in the New York Times, The Phonon SMB-02 ($349) are the most popular headphones we sell. This premium Japanese product, engineered to meet the expectations of even the most seasoned and demanding audio experts, are ONLY available at Stereo Exchange. Our own Michael Toto highlights the incredible design, sound, and professional backing of this remarkable product.

WHAT THEY DO "These over-ear headphones are made by a Japanese company with an audio dream team that includes a veteran sound engineer, a music producer and a D.J. The results are known in the audiophile world as “the holy grail of headphones” for their comfort and clear, lush sound. “We get batches in 10 at a time from Japan,” Mr. Toto said, “and sell them out immediately.”


The SMB-02 uses the exclusive phonon phd concept and theory to deliver high accuracy monitoring. The excellent space definition allows for stunning low volume playback, making it perfect for studio monitoring use.

Features thick but lightweight earpads that remain comfortable even after long hours of use.


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The Phonon SMB-02 is the next big thing in the sound equipment industry, as evidenced by the extreme popularity they have enjoyed in their limited availability at Stereo Exchange.  

Why own a plastic, mass-marketed, inferior product when, for the same $349, you can own something special?

Are the New York Times feature and our word not enough to convince you?  Come and check out this Japenese marvel in person today, and see the hype surronding these exclusive headphones for yourself.

SMB-02 Headphones Spec

Type Air-tight fully enclosed dynamic headphone.
Driver Φ40mm
Output sound level 100dB/mW
Playback frequency range 20 – 20,000Hz
Maximum input 1,600mW
Impedance 25Ω
Weight (including cable and plug) 271g
Plug Φ6.3 / Φ3.5mm gold-plated screw-type stereo 2 ways plug
Connection cable length (material)

3.4m OFC Litz wire