Stereo Exchange is Proud to Introduce MartinLogan Speakers!




For 30 years, MartinLogan has been the premier manufacturer of loudspeakers incorporating electrostatic (ESL) transducers and advanced thin-film (ATF) diaphragm technologies.  New York's world famous Stereo Exchange is proud to introduce MartinLogan speakers; an exclusive and world-renowned manufacturer of high-end speakers.  

We are excited about the sonic advantages Martin Logan electrostatic speakers offers. The technology of electrostatic speakers allows for razor sharp imaging and pinpoints details.  Following is an explanation of this technology and some of the MartinLogan products we will be carrying.

Electrostatic (ESL) Transducer Technology

Parts of an Electrostatic Transducer


A) Diaphragm B) Spars C) Stators

How Electrostatic Speakers Work

An electrostatic transducer has three basic components – stators, diaphragm, and spars (spacers) – assembled as a sandwich. The diaphragm is an ultra light plastic film, impregnated with an electrically conductive material and stretched taut between the two stators, which are perforated steel sheets coated with an insulator. When the speaker is operating, the diaphragm is charged to a fixed positive voltage by a high-voltage power supply, creating a strong electrostatic field around it. (If you've been puzzling over why electrostatic speakers have power cords, there's the reason).

The stators, meanwhile, are connected to the audio system's amplifier through a step-up transformer. It converts the amplifier's output to a pair of high-voltage signals of equal strength but opposite polarity. So as the charge on one stator grows increasingly positive, the charge on the other grows more negative by exactly the same amount. Because like charges repel and opposite charges attract, the diaphragm's positive charge will force it to move forward or backward depending on the stator charges. For example, when the front stator's charge is negative and the back stator's positive, the diaphragm will be pulled from the front and pushed from the back and therefore move forward. The stronger the charges on the stators, the greater the diaphragm displacement. This is how an electrostatic transducer translates an electrical audio signal into diaphragm motion to produce sound waves in the room.

To help stiffen the panel (it's very important that only the diaphragm move) and to prevent the diaphragm from ever coming too close to a stator, nonconductive strips called spars are placed widthwise at intervals along each stator's length.



Advanced Thin-Film (ATF) Technology

Parts of a MartinLogan ATF Transducer


A) Aluminum Etched Kaladex Diaphragm B) Neodymium Super Magnets C) Rigid Steel Housing

High Magnetic Field Strength for Superb Control and Efficiency

Our ATF drivers incorporate neodymium iron boron (NIB) rare-earth magnets, which can maintain field strengths almost 20 times those of same-size conventional magnets. Combining such a powerful magnetic motor system with an extremely lightweight Kaladex® diaphragm yields an outstanding force-to-mass ratio. Like a sports car's high power-to-weight ratio, this characteristic allows extraordinary acceleration. Fast in the straight-aways, quick and nimble in the curves, ATF drivers are very efficient and always under perfect control. The sound that results is pure MartinLogan, with super-low distortion, astonishing clarity, and absolute precision.









Price: $25,500/pair


  • Full-Range Electrostatic Line Source
  • 57" x 8.6" XStat™ CLS™ Transducer
  • 57" x 11.5" DualForce™ Bass Transducer
  • Frequency Range: 56-23k Hz ±3dB


Summit X


Price: $15,000/pair


Key Features: 

• CLS™ XStat electrostatic transducer

• Ultra rigid AirFrame™

• Dual 200 watt Controlled Dispersion 

PoweredForce 10-inch aluminum 
cone woofers

• Precision built advanced topology 
Vojtko™ crossover

• 25 & 50Hz level control

• Highly adjustable ETC™ spikes




















Mikros 70: $150/set

Mikros 90: $200/set


Inspired by the sonic clarity and detail of our legendary electrostatic speakers, the Mikros™ 70 & 90 reference in-ear & on-ear headphones deliver the realism, richness, and purity of sound that MartinLogan's discerning customers have come to expect. Obsessive attention to detail, sleek minimalistic design and high value materials are deeply engrained in our design philosophy that we've extended to Mikros headphones.



Motif X

motif xPrice: $2,100 each


Motif X is the world's most versatile electrostatic on-wall speaker with advanced electrostatic and Folded Motion technologies carefully balanced to maximize performance and installation flexibility.

Easy Installation & Adjustability

A easy to install, low-voltage DC power supply eliminates the need for a traditional, heavy IEC power cord and increases installation flexibility. MartinLogan's proprietary toolless binding posts make cable connection and management a breeze. Each speaker also includes a single-pivot stand that enables easy installation on a set-top, floor or shelf. Additionally, Motif X may horizontally/vertically mounted to a wall (under or beside a plasma screen, for example).






Price: $5,000/pair

Quick specs:

  • 44" x 9.2" XStat™ CLS™ Transducer
  • 8-inch Aluminum-Cone Woofer
  • Precision Built Vojtko™ Filter
  • Bi-wirable Tool-less Binding Post



ElectroMotion ESL

em-esl-largePrice: $2,200/pair


The ElectroMotion ESL(EM-ESL) represents a brave new direction for electrostatic loudspeaker design. Featuring a full-sized 34-inch tall curvilinear XStat™ electrostatic transducer the new ESL performs more like a mini-flagship than an entry level audiophile speaker. Long time MartinLogan enthusiasts are sure to describe ElectroMotion ESL as the second-coming of the legendary Aerius electrostatic speaker which debuted in 1992 and went on to sell in record numbers. The new ESL, however, boasts 40 percent more radiating surface, a superbly integrated and authoritative bass performance, and a sensitivity rated at 91dB. In addition, the ESL is capable of being effortlessly powered by both receivers and high-end amplifiers alike.








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