Martin Logan- Perfect Technology for Acoustically Difficult Rooms

We are proud to announce our “Room Zero” listening room, is now home to one the finest sounding stereo systems we have ever experienced. Amazingly, it does NOT carry a six-figure price tag typically found on reference level set-ups.

We have struggled to make great sound in Room Zero for several years due to anomalies in its construction. The recent addition of Martin Logan Loudspeakers to our lineup allowed us to try a completely different technology in the room and boy did it pay off! Martin Logan Loudspeakers use an Electrostatic Transducer as opposed to the traditional dynamic driver which dramatically decreased the room interaction and allowed the speaker (the CLX ART) to practically disappear. Adding the matching Descent subwoofer added the low-frequency information expected of a state-of-the-art setup.

To say we are excited about the sound of this system is an understatement. We combined it with similarly priced McIntosh electronics and Transparent cabling. You simply MUST stop in and hear it for yourself, especially if you have a difficult room to contend with.


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