Happy Vienna Acoustic Customer

We recently had the pleasure of meeting Anthony Bucci. Anthony has a masters degree in music and is completing his postbaccalaureate in business at Columbia and has a passion for high-end audio. After spending time learning about his listening preferences we demonstrated several systems and concluded with Vienna Acoustic Mozart SE's with Sim Audio amplification. This is a beautfiul system for a great guy. Below is the letter he wrote to Vienna.

"Hi Kevin,

Thank you for the kind reply.

Last Monday I purchased a pair of the Mozart SE's from my dealer at the Stereo Exchange in NYC, and I am incredibly happy with them. They look beautiful and the sound is full, clear, and warm. (I can't believe how much low-end/bass these speakers produce! It's so well defined too – it doesn't ever get muddy)

Anyway, this was my first Vienna Acoustics purchase and I just wanted to pass along how happy I was.

Anthony Bucci"