Cosmos Sunshine Record Release Party with Special Guests

Friday, January 29th 2016 | 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM | @ Stereo Exchange 

See Event Special Vendors/Guests Below!

Vince Bruzzese
Founder and Designer of Totem Acoustic

Vince founded Totem Acoustic in 1987, offering affordable loudspeakers with state-of-the-art performance and industrial designs. His design principles are primarily based on durability, total musical involvement, pride in the quality of ownership and non-obsolescence. He believes that modern loudspeaker design must incorporate these principles in order to function as a valued commodity in today’s time. Modern speaker design must incorporate a svelte, avant-garde lifestyle design which satisfies both male and female sensibilities.

Roger Gibboni
Founder and Designer of Rogers High Fidelity

For more than 20 years, Roger Gibboni has been designing and manufacturing high tech communications and radar equipment for the Department of Defense, NASA and several other agencies with demanding communications and engineering requirements. Roger brings this high quality engineering and manufacturing expertise to the home audio market when he founded Rogers High Fidelity in 2009. Roger will be discussing the critically acclaimed EHF-100 MK2, EHF-200 MK2, PA-1A and the upcoming 34S-1.

Jon Zimmer
Director of Marketing at Transparent Audio

Jon worked for Stereo Exchange in New York City and as an independent audio sales representative before moving his family to Maine to join the Transparent staff in February of 2014. A genuine Transparent fan, Jon comes to Transparent as an owner of the products.

Jesse Luna
National Sales Manager at Musical Surroundings

Jesse has over a decade of experience in the high-end audio field including his current position. Musical Surroundings is a distributor of a collection of the finest audio components available including Clearaudio turntables and Fosgate Signature.

Event Line-Up

7:00 PM:
Event Start

8:00 PM: Album presentation on statement analog system (Totem, Rogers, Clearaudio, Transparent, Ortofon) in Bay 3. Cosmos Sunshine album listening session, ‘The Butterfly Fight Club’  – track by track, and discussion of the production, songwriting etc.

9:00 PM: Live performance by Cosmos Sunshine in Bay 1.

10:00 PM: Event Wrap-Up

About Cosmos Sunshine

At the age of fourteen, seeking a deeper and more expressive creative outlet,
Cosmos Sunshine began playing guitar. By fifteen he was writing his own material
and playing professionally; performing in as many bars, clubs & high school
auditoriums near his rural Connecticut home, as would have him.

After a brief stint at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Cosmos moved to New
York City and began his tenure as lead guitarist, songwriter and bandleader for the
1990’s juggernauts, Cherokee Sex Workshop and Walkinbird. The latter’s
eponymous debut album was produced by the legendary Warren Haynes, who
became a mentor to Cosmos, teaching him the ways of songwriting, studio
production and guitar wizardry. Those were important lessons, which still serve him

Since that time he has been an active solo performer and the front man for the
bands Los Lotharios, The Cosmos Sunshine Band and Dan Patch.

In total, he has amassed a discography of four full length albums and four EPs and
has played some of the best venues in New York City (Brooklyn Bowl, Irving Plaza,
CBGB, Wetlands Preserve, The Nightingale Bar) and toured nationally (opening for
such greats as Gov’t Mule, Blues Traveler, The Spin Doctors, Johnny Winter, Lenny
Kravitz and many, many more).
He continues to follow the muse, wherever it may lead….