NEW Bowers & Wilkins 800 D3 Speakers at Stereo Exchange!

Arrival: September 19, 2016  Place: Stereo Exchange, NYC

Bowers & Wilkins introduces their best performing, most advanced loudspeaker yet, the 800 D3 (completing the new 800 Series Diamond range). Retail price is $30,000/pair.

When the new 800 Series Diamond launched late last year, the range as a whole redefined performance standards, both for the 800 Series itself and for the wider world of premium loudspeakers. The outcome of an intensive seven-year project to make the best better, the 800 Series Diamond resulted from a combination of tireless research and development, advanced engineering, and countless hours of listening by the very best ears in the business.

A step up from the already incredible 802 D3

The most immediate visual difference between the new 800 D3 and the 802 D3 (the previous top-of-the-line model) is the size of the 800’s low frequency enclosure and its twin bass drivers. It features two 10-inch Aerofoil bass drivers, as opposed to the two 8-inch drivers on the slightly smaller 802 D3. However, the bass drivers are not only larger; they also utilize a unique carbon fiber construction for an even stiffer, more pistonic cone and were optimized for linearity and low distortion. The drivers also benefited from a higher specification motor assembly with upgraded magnets for increased control and crossover improvements that offer a considerable upgrade over the 802 D3.

These innovations, when teamed with improvements to a series as a whole, such as dramatically stiffer cabinets, a more robust Matrix bracing system that involves thicker slats, and the thoughtful application of aluminum and steel bracing where it is more required, means the new 800 D3 represents the pinnacle of reference quality sound.