Beyerdynamic’s Audio-Revolutionizing Headphones & Portable Amplifiers


The Beyerdynamic mission statement is quite straight-forward: it reads, "To design, engineer and manufacture superior quality professional audio products."

To say that the product lives up to this goal is almost an understatement — which is why Stereo Exchange is proud & excited to announce that we've recently taken on select high quality Beyerdynamic headphones and portable amplifiers. One Pro

Price: $229.00

Beyerdynamic describes their unique Custom One Pro headphone as, "The CUSTOM series represents an entirely new concept which transforms the experience of listening to music via headphones into an interactive event. Thanks to CUSTOM sound, CUSTOM style and the CUSTOM cable, the headphones can be adapted at any given time to any given requirements – providing an all-in-one solution for almost any scenario."

What does this mean for the listener?

The Custom One Pro is in all ways a professional headphone for both studio and home applications — with the special feature of this headphone being the changeable sound which can be selected in four stages from an analytical sound to a rich, full bass via the “CUSTOM Sound Slider” bass reflex vents at the housing shells. 

"Put on the headphone and the world becomes quiet:  the new Custom One Pro headphone from Beyerdynamic makes a great first impression due to the perfect ambient noise attenuation."
     –, review of the Custom One Pro

Premium Stereo Headphone, 32 Ohm

Price: $365.00

*WINNER of the 2014 NAMM "Sound on Sound Award."

If anything of the legendary DT 880 could have been improved, it has been realised with this version. This top headphone combines the strengths of open and closed headphones. The complete sound spectrum is reproduced in detail from the deepest sub bass to the highest highs.

• Semi-open back design
• Neutral, balanced sound
• Robust spring steel headband
• Single-sided cable
• Soft headband pad
• Gold-plated 1/8" mini stereo jack plug (3.5 mm) and 1/4" adapter (6.35 mm)

"For me, it's close to perfect."
     –, 100% positive customer reviews for the DT 880

beyerdynamic-t90-kopfhoerer-3T 90
Premium Tesla Hi-Fi headphones, open

Price: $679.00

The T 90 is the first high-end headphone with a completely open design utilizing revolutionary Beyerdynamic Tesla technology.

Only headphones of this kind can bring across the feeling of closeness and transparency — nothing stands between sound enthusiasts and their music. The perfect music experience is in undisturbed surroundings. With the T 90 being tuned to spontaneous listening enjoyment, the music fan can immediately immerse himself in the sound. The T 90 combines the neutral analytic sound of the Tesla transducer with a full, warm timbre and a joy of playing that brings pleasure with it from the very first note.

The T 90 not only stands out due to its high level of sound quality but also from its elegant appearance. The velvet materials used on the headband and ear pads ensure endless listening pleasure and wearing comfort.

t1_persviewT 1
Audiophile Tesla Hi-Fi headphones, semi-open 

Price: $1399.00

The name T 1 comes from the completely redesigned transducers, which achieve values of over one Tesla (a unit of measurement for magnetic flux density). This exciting technology provides the listener with almost double as much volume as traditional headphones. The increased efficiency also leaves the T 1 with greater power reserves for dynamic, undistorted sound and nearly lossless conversion of electric signals into sound waves. The extremely lightweight 600 Ohm voice coil provides transparency and perfect impulse fidelity.

The elegant look of the T 1 compliments the technical achievements, with even the smallest of details selected by hand. This model reaffirms beyerdynamic's commitment to world-class signature quality of the Beyerdynamic.

"Man oh man these cans can reach deep into the music. They are so transparent that you can hear nearly everything that's there."
     –, review of the T 1

beyerdynamic-t5p-headphoneT 5 p
Audiophile portable Tesla Hi-Fi headphones, closed

Price: $1399.00

The T 5 p is the first high-end Beyer Dynamic mobile headphone. The Tesla technology, unique to the Beyerdynamiac headphone line, has made this experience possible.

The mobile audiophile headphone can be connected anywhere, at all times and even to low-power, portable devices. Its special technology ensures enjoyment of the detail-rich sound. The accessories supplied with the headphone meet the needs of sophisticated mobile hi-fi users. The extension cable provided, for example, helps the T 5 p also connect to fixed devices, such as the home stereo to achieve impressive sound experiences. Wherever you are, your T 5 p enables you to quickly enter your own world of sound and forget everything else around you for a few moments.

"That's when I can tell I am really enjoying a listening session when the music sucks me in to the point where emotion takes over. These are fun headphones my friends."
     –, review of the T 5 p

a200p_side_1A 200 p
High-end portable DAC / headphone amplifier

Price: $299.00

Even top headphones such as the beyerdynamic T 51 p cannot be used to their full potential with mobile devices. The transformation of the digital sound data for the analog headphone playback seldom meets genuine hi-fi standards. The A 200 p from Beyerdynamic is a solution to this problem. It meets demanding audio requirements and provides you with significantly improved sound on-the-go.

The A 200 p works with a number of mobile playback devices such as the iPhone, iPod, iPad via Lightning connector, Android smartphones or tablets provided with digital USB audio output. The A 200 p is currently the smallest mobile DAC and amplifier that can work with all of these devices on the digital level.