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Transparent Cable – REFERENCE Speaker Cable
15-Foot “Low Z” Version For Low Output Impedance Amplifiers

REFERENCE Speaker Cable is a significant performance upgrade when compared to Ultra Speaker Cable. Reference level cables are the first products in the Transparent family to be custom calibrated for the specific electrical output characteristics of your components. Additionally, the network components are more precisely matched to the cable’s inherent electrical properties and length. Direct gold plated, custom machined connectors made from solid Tellurium copper provide superior contact and exceptional power transfer. Finally, the larger and heavier, machined acrylic, network module more effectively damps vibration and resonances that can adversely affect performance.

REFERENCE Speaker Cable is available in 2 versions: High Z for high output impedance and Low Z for low output impedance amplifiers. RSC is also crafted with connector configurations and polarity to fit precisely and easily with your specific amplifier, speakers, and system layout. Contact Transparent or a Transparent dealer to determine which RSC version is the best fit for your amplifier and to discuss the details of your system connection.


Transparent Cable – Reference Balanced Interconnect
(Two Available – 1.5 Meter and 2 Meter Lengths)

REFERENCE Balanced Interconnect (RBL) is designed for high-resolution source components and preamplifiers with full balanced differential circuitry. Balanced interconnects at the RBL level dramatically expand the realism of a sonic landscape, invoking a staggering level of detail and preservation of dynamic range. RBL delivers extended and well-defined bass energy while creating a quiet interface for low-level audio signals. A fully balanced design from cabling through the precisely matched dual networks for each channel, RBL is often the balanced interconnect choice for discerning audiophiles, music lovers, and music professionals alike.

RBL is a significant upgrade compared to ULTRA Balanced Interconnect (UBL). Reference level cables are the first products in the Transparent family to be custom calibrated for the specific electrical output characteristics of your components. Additionally, the network components are more precisely matched to the cable’s inherent electrical properties and length. Where the UBL used a single network module for its dual network, RBL uses 2 precision machined acrylic network modules to further isolate the dual differentially balanced networks. This extra isolation provides greater noise reduction and effectively damps any opportunity for resonances to negatively affect performance.

Rockport Technologies Avior II Loudspeakers

Rockport Technologies
Avior II Loudspeakers

*Please call us for price and availability*

This is a rare pre-owned offering that was originally sold through Stereo Exchange. Our client is so in love with Rockport that he actually moved up to a higher-level option, trading these in during the process.

“While carefully preserving the original Avior’s distinctive form, the new Avior II is the epitome of high performance and visual elegance in a loudspeaker which although modest in size, delivers authentic, full range sound.

Like all Rockport Technologies loudspeakers, the Avior II has an extremely low resolution floor, and its sound remains coherent and resolved, as well as maintaining dynamic fidelity even when played at extremely low volumes. This ability to resolve low-level information is critical to reproducing the artistic nuance of music, as well as resolving the spatial cues of the recording environment, and enables the loudspeaker to transport the listener back to the original musical event.”



KLH Albany Bookshelf Loudspeaker
American Walnut Real Wood Veneer Finish

The Albany is anything but a “bookshelf version” of our tower speakers, because we use the same acoustic suspension principles invented by Henry Kloss himself.

Albany, by the street of the same name, brings improbable sound from an affordable loudspeaker. It is a 2-way acoustic suspension design, featuring woven Kevlar drivers with powder-coated die-cast aluminum baskets, braided tinsel leads, custom designed crossovers, an anodised aluminium tweeter with linear response faceplate, and much more, and all in real wood veneers.

Featuring a 2-Way acoustic suspension system with 1 x 5.25” Woven Kevlar® mid/bass driver, a high performance 1” Anodised Aluminium tweeter with a linear response faceplate, and a REAL WOOD VENEER (American Walnut).


Simaudio MOON Evolution 250i Integrated Amplifier

power and emotion
The MOON 250i Integrated Amplifier delivers power and emotion in an elegant package.

Versatile and intuitive
Versatile and intuitive to use, the 250i delivers a seductive musical performance and represents an outstanding value. Well respected and known for exceptional price-to-quality ratio, the 250i marries a classy appearance, true MOON-build quality and irreproachable sound quality without equal in its price class. Assembled to our exacting standards, it will deliver outstanding performance with the reliability that has made our products so well known and respected around the world.

key features
Of course, key features you’d expect in a MOON product are present such as SimLink™, RS-232 and IR ports for custom-install environments.

Brinkmann Bardo with 10.0 tonearm

Brinkmann Audio Bardo Turntable
Current “Performance” Version w/the preferred Brinkmann 10.5 Tonearm (Pre-Owned)

The »Bardo performance« features the metal cased power supply that is used for the »Balance« and »LaGrange« turntables instead of the standard power supply. The result is a more defined bass response and a wider room imaging.

The »10.5« is considered one of the best tonearms in the world and is used as a reference (and highly recommended) by magazines and reviewers alike throughout the world.

Rogue Audio RP-5 Tube Preamplifier

Rogue Audio RP-5
Tube Preamplifier

The RP-5 is our first preamplifier based on the groundbreaking new RP-X platform. Silky smooth yet extraordinarily high tech, the RP-5 sets a new benchmark in performance and functionality. Utilizing four 12AU7 tubes in a mu-follower configuration, the computer optimized circuitry boasts outstanding sonics as well as industry leading specs.

The RP-5 offers much more than just sonic excellence with numerous features to further enhance your listening experience. The onboard MM/MC phono has user adjustable gain settings ranging from 40 to 60 dB. A wide variety of loading options means your favorite cartridge can be configured to sound its very best. A tube based headphone circuit offers smooth and detailed sound for your late night personal audio sessions. Other features include home theater inputs, a processor loop and mono button. The ten button remote allows you to conveniently access volume, balance, selector, mute, mono and on/off from your listening position.

The elegant appearance of the RP-5 is enhanced by an easy to read VFD display that provides volume, balance and source information in large easy to read characters.


Rogue Audio Pharoah Hybrid Solid State/Tube Amplifier

When we began development of the Pharaoh amplifier we had one overarching goal: The realization of an integrated amplifier that, without compromise, would offer the performance of the finest separates. To that end, the Pharaoh uniquely combines solid state power amplification with tube preamplification to deliver amazing dynamics as well as the organic midrange and sweet top end that only a tube amp can provide. Along with truly outstanding sonics the Pharaoh boasts numerous features including a tube headphone circuit, mm/mc user adjustable phono, home theater bypass, remote controlled volume with mute, and a processor loop. The Pharaoh is truly a “one box” solution to all of your amplifier needs.


Transparent Cable – Super Speaker Cable, 8-Foot

SUPER Speaker Cable is a great addition to any Premium music or film system.

It works well with other REALISTIC Transparent System Companions to provide more refined, powerful, and deeper music foundation and greater dynamics and space for a closer connection to music.


Transparent Cable – Ultra Balanced Interconnect
(Two Available – 1 Meter and 2 Meter Lengths)

ULTRA Speaker Cable is a great addition to any Upgraded Premium music or film system. It works well with other LIFELIKE Transparent System Companions to provide fuller tonality, limitless dynamics, and 3-dimensional space for a closer connection to music.

ULTRA Speaker Cable works well with other LIFELIKE Companions to provide fuller tonality, limitless dynamics, and 3-dimensional space for a closer connection to music. Sturdy gold-plated connectors transfer power effortlessly through heavy, precision-wound OFHC stranding. Handcrafted in the USA, ULTRA Speaker Cable delivers deeper, tighter bass frequencies and transfers music with more refinement than SUPER Speaker Cable.

Furutech GTX-D (R) NCF Audiophile Duplex AC Receptacle

Furutech GTX-D (R) NCF Audiophile Duplex AC Receptacle
(New – Eight Available – $255 List – $199 Sale)

RATING – GTX-D NCF(R) – 20A 125V


Furutech’s Top-Tier GTX–D NCF Receptacles… Refinement has a New Name…

Nano Crystal Formula (NCF) – Nano Crystalline, Ceramic and Carbon Powder

Incorporated into select Furutech products, Nano Crystal² Formula — NCF is comprised of a special crystalline material that has two “active” properties. First, it generates negative ions that eliminate static and secondly, it converts thermal energy into far-infrared. Furutech then combines this remarkable crystalline material with nano-sized ceramic particles and carbon powder for their additional “Piezo Effect” damping properties. The resulting Nano Crystal² Formula is the ultimate electrical and mechanical damping material – only found in Furutech products!