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Custom Installation

We care about every detail.

We have the experience and knowledge to create the best solution for your home or business. Our designs ensure the utmost in performance and simplicity. Our system designers and project managers work together to create detailed plans for your system and wiring, incorporating  room size, audio/video equipment, lighting, and safety requirements.

Once the design is complete, we verify the design meets your expectations and needs. This allows us to customize your audio and/or home theater installation for optimal performance and lasting pleasure.

Stereo Exchange’s designers can seamlessly integrate audio and video equipment into any environment, from modest bedroom stereos to state-of-the-art home theaters. We also design and install a network that centralizes your media collection making it available throughout your home.

Stereo Exchange’s Custom Installation Department offers a full range of services, from simple hook-ups to the most elaborate custom installations.

Fine audio and home theater systems

Control systems

Phones and intercom

Surround-sound fine-tuning

Design and engineering

Climate and shade

Mounted televisions and projectors

Commercial and corporate

Lighting control

House-wide wiring and control terminals


Game and media rooms